Female Lines

Unfortunately the original herd was caught in the foot and mouth  outbreak which meant all were lost but thanks to the generosity of a number of breeders we have been able to acquire some of  the lines from the original herd that had been sold previously.

Ericas;  Auchencloich Ermia that goes back through Hatton and then to Harviestoun
             Auchencloich Ellouise-Eastfield-Wedderlie.
             Whitfield Eune-Holm Eden
Juana Ericas;  Janara Erica of Cubbyhill-Crooklands-Newhouse-Harviestoun
Jewanesca Erica of CubbyhillJewanetta Erica 7th of Crooklands
Janesca Erica of Cubbyhill g-dam of         Jewanetta Erica 7th of Crooklands 
Janara Erica                                                    
Blackcaps;  Blackcap 18th of Cubbyhill-Black Browe Blackcap imported from Canada
Black Bandoliermere of CubbyhillBlack Bandoliermere of Cubbyhill (left)out of Black Browe Blackcap also used in the Nightingale and Beath herds.His sire was Black Browe Bandoliermere 7882 making a number of crosses to Bandoliermere GV 13S.Black Browe Eileenmere was out of a GV13S dam, also he had 5 crosses of Dalrene Eric Bardolier who the Canadians rated one of the best ever used in their country.


Lass; Cubbyhill Lass Y431-Edenbrook Lass-Prospect Lass imported from Ontario
has produced many outstanding individuals including Bar Leroy who went to Unigarth, Bar Lara to Cardona,Bar Lochinvar to Black Watch.
Prides;Auchencloich Prudence A039 g-daughter of GV Pride 30M who is from the great Diamondhead Prides
Drumcell Pinky Pride A003-Stoney Raikes where Ping Pong was bred, now stock bull in the Crake herd.

Ping Pong of Stoney Raikes(left) a bull with substance, great easy fleshing and excellent temperament.He is a Pinky Pride.

Auchencloich Griselda-Cubbyhill.


Barbaras;Achencloich Barbara Opal Z024-Ushaw-Pegleebob.
Biggen Barbara Elsie-Ushaw
The Barbaras all go back to Pegleebob Barbara a daughter of Diamondhead Bandoliermere 79C  probably the best bull this breeder has seen anywhere and who was another son of GV13S.

Barbara of Pegleebob
Barbara of Pegleebob 79E (Imp)410835(CA)
at 2 years old






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