Weaning system.

Calves are weaned  at about 9 months on a gradual system.They are shut off in the mornings and let back in the evenings.Shuting them off for 1 day before letting back, then for 2 days,then for 3 days and then for 4 days which may be enough but with heavy milking cows a further 5 days might be necessary.The important point being the shutting off in the mornings which  should ensure that the next calving will   happen between 6am and 11pm unless abnormal presentations occur.Using this method no cows have taken mastitis after weaning.The method may not be as effective with 2nd calvers as with more mature cows.


This system has been deployed here for about 15 years so maybe you should stop laughing and give it a try.Wonder if it would be effective with sheep!.

5/7/2007  During the last 2 seasons only 1 cow has calved between 11pm and 6am.The calf was coming on it's side.  JRB.



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