Cubbyhill Angus Herd
(Est. 1966)

Welcome to a brief history of the Cubbyhill herd including influential sires used and female lines


Stock Bull Unigarth Pedro
The herd is run on strictly commercial  lines in order to produce cattle for that market.

EBV; No testing is entertained as this leads to pushing stock which is detrimental to fertility and longevity in breeding stock.Calves are deliberately not creep fed while at grass with their dams so that on coming in for the winter an Actual Breeding Value can be obtained. The heifers off the best will then be retained just as has been done by the breeders of the past for a century.

SALES; Most cattle are sold ex farm at reasonable rates. Young bulls usually for sale throughout the year.

Junior Stock Bull is the homebred Cubbyhill Eledro D123(below) who after settling all the heifers has been sold to Lord Camden, Exton Park Estate,Leicestershire.  Photo taken at 18 months.

Cubbyhill Eledro D123Objectives;







During the last 3 years 4 Pedro daughters have been sold to Alistair Wyllie  for Ayr fatstock show.In 2006 a 3/4 angus was overall champion making 1980 and a pure 2nd in class  to her.Another  pure  full sister was 3rd top price in 2005 and yet another pure sister was equal top price in 2004 .The Cubbyhill herd is both pedigree AND commercial.   

 Stock  bull is Galawater  Battle Kry E980(below) purchased privately from Messrs Logan. He is sired by Galawater Excalibur who was demonstration bull at the Beef Event last year and is out of the granny of Perth champion in February 2006 Galawater Bold King.He is powerful and correct with excellent depth of flesh.He will be going to the Pedro daughters.  His dam is Barbara Kim of Auchterforfar X16              

New stock bull is Retties Lord Rufus (below)  who was first in the junior class at Stirling and weighed 895 kgs at 18 months.              


Messrs Byers, Cubbyhill, Longtown, Carlisle, Cumbria, England  CA65NN
Tel.  01228791505

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